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Our Distinctive Services

Local Perspective

Personally and professionally, each member of our team has spent decades building long-standing trusted relationships with major funders, influencers, and community leaders in the Houston philanthropic sector.

We understand philanthropy.

Partnership with Clients
Fenoglio Associates team members are dedicated to our clients’ success, serve as trusted counselors, and promote authentic collaborative relationships throughout the capital campaign. We are straightforward, speak the truth, and offer professional insight and concrete solutions with utmost respect and confidentiality.

We work with diplomacy to achieve consensus among multiple stakeholders with varied interests to achieve common goals. Our versatile team is flexible when the campaign’s plans or goals or leaders change and helps the organization keep focused on the goal.

We successfully guide our clients through the complexities and politics—not just the mechanics—of a capital campaign.

Major Donors

Fenoglio Associates has mastered the gift-getting cycle and counsels organizations on the best practices for stewarding donors to keep the giving cycle going. We offer sophisticated data-mining tools to identify giving capacities of existing and prospective donors and generate detailed confidential prospect lists from this research.

We help our clients understand donors’ motivations and increase donor loyalty and gifts. Once gifts are made, donors must be earnestly thanked—and thanked again. We teach organizations that the art of fundraising involves continuous improvement and refinement of stewardship policies.

We know that loyal stakeholders are ready to give significant gifts—and they must be identified, evaluated, and cultivated before the right person makes “the ask”—at the right time and in the right setting.

Best Practices

Fenoglio Associates seeks excellence and advocates for best practices in our consulting work with clients. We see the big picture and manage the details to help organizations stay focused on their fundraising goals.

We know that using best practices promotes organizational and fundraising success.

Strategic Insights

We are open, candid, and forthright and tactfully provide insights into an organization’s strengths and weaknesses and any perceived obstacles in the way of the campaign’s progress. We counsel our clients to overcome any possible barriers to success with diplomacy and positive resolution.

We have the knowledge, the connections, and the understanding to foster trust and build consensus with leaders and key stakeholders to meet common goals.

Saying Yes

We are positive and proactive. We encourage our clients to see possibilities and equip them to “say yes” to their strategic plans and fundraising goals.

Once the initial enthusiasm about launching the capital campaign has waned, we encourage organizations to keep the pace moving steadily. While we don’t rush the timing of the campaign, we don’t allow it to lose momentum either. We assist leaders with maintaining the sense of urgency to stay on track and meet key milestones in timely manner.

We empower clients to stay positive during the capital campaign to reach and exceed their goals.

Relationships: The Core of What We Do

Fenoglio Associates wants to learn about you—your organization, mission and history, culture, needs, institutional and board leadership, staff and management abilities, challenges, expectations, and goals.

During the feasibility study, we initiate a series of conversations with key constituents and stakeholders. We gather and analyze all data with utmost discretion and confidentiality to gain comprehensive knowledge of your organization’s constituents. Our greatest strength is building relationships with your organization and key stakeholders.

We listen to your needs to help your organization succeed.